Animated Story Landscapes online

~ 3DWeb

Open-source enables us to create the 3DWeb for FREE! Using technologies (described below), we assemble a pipeline to deliver product to the 3DWeb.

~ 3D-Web-Pipeline

~ 3D-Modeling

Animations with rigging in Blender, for the Web, via glTF into WebGL.

~ Shaders

BabylonJS Textures, Materials, and WebGL.

~ Audio

BabylonJS, Howler, LMMS, and Audacity.

~ Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey immersive story-telling for 2DTXT Web.


BabylonJS VR Camera and ARjs to experiment with AR/VR apps.

~ Social

Network, Platform & Portal: STEAM, GumRoad, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon.

~ Make contact...

netcinematics (at)